Rinse water treatment systems

The regulations for discharging rinse water are becoming increasingly strict. A treatment system for rinse water treats the water in such a way that it may be discharged again without infringing these standards.

Treatment systems for rinse water

The professionals at Rook Pijpleidingbouw are highly experienced in the construction of various treatment systems for rinse water. Our expertise includes the following: 

  • Lamella separators
  • Nano-filtration
  • Coagulation and flocculation installations
  • Sludge thickeners
  • Sludge scrapers

Turning rinse water into drinking water

The choice of components depends on the purpose of the rinse water treatment system. In some cases it is even possible to treat the rinse water in such a way that it can then be used as drinking water. Our specialists are ready to discuss these options with you.

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