Civil engineering

Our professional staff have been performing earth, road and water work activities for decades. We have our own transport and earthmoving machinery and can therefore monitor all activities to ensure the highest possible quality.

Excavation, road and water work activities

We are specialised in the performance of various earth, road and water work activities, such as:

  • Construction and renovation of paved surfaces and pavements
  • Construction and maintenance of waterways
  • Construction and maintenance of ponds
  • Excavation of coffer dams
  • Landscaping and the maintenance of grasslands
  • Land improvement
  • Dredging activities

Transport and earthmoving machines

Our transport and earthmoving machines vary in weight class from 1.5 to 22 tons. We have a suitable machine for every project, such as excavating machines, shovel loaders, dumpers, crawler loaders and pumps.

Biodegradable oils

As we often work at ground water protection areas our equipment is equipped with biodegradable oil.

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