Our workshop’s steel department manufactures all the required parts for our systems, such as pipes, attachments, tanks, bunkers and filtration tanks. The professionals in this department have extensive facilities at their disposal. From a press brake or a cutter to a tapered mill or weld manipulator – we have all the tools and equipment to build a high quality installation.

Stainless steel department

Our stainless-steel department is separate to the steel department, to guarantee the quality finish of the parts and installations that we build. The stainless-steel department produces the same parts as the regular steel department, only made from stainless steel. This department is also equipped with extensive facilities to ensure that the parts are of the highest possible quality. For example, this department uses highly specialized equipment developed to manufacture T-pieces and to weld with backing gas.


The parts and products are pickled and passivated in our own pickling tanks. This ensures a nice and functional finishing.

Testing and installation

Once all the individual components of a water treatment system are ready, the system will be assembled in one of our facilities and tested thoroughly. After all the steps in the process have been simulated and the system is proven to be in perfect working order, it is dismantled and all the components are numbered and shipped to the destination country. Once the shipment has arrived, our local team assemble it within a time frame of 3 weeks, after which the system can be commissioned. This working method has proven to be reliable and efficient.

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